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Tuning ignition timing for a quicker more aggressive spool

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Hi guys,

Between me and a few of my friends we have been to a handful of different tuners with our Astra GSI's (Z20LET 2.0 turbo)

All 3 of our cars were tuned to around 300bhp & 300ft/lbs, but they all delivered their power differently even though they were all the same spec.

1 of the cars delivered boost early and very aggressive the other 2 had more of a progressive feel to them.

How is the more aggressive delivery achieved? Is it all in the ignition timing? Or boost control strategy? All 3 cars are on stock ECU and stock solenoid boost controllers

assuming that all three engine are exacly the same and in the same condition, if they have the same tune they should run almost the same, you can have better spool up with a leaner lambda, some timing help and a boost control tune to help fast spoolup. I dont know if they have the same tune or if they are in the same condition...

The tunes are from 2 different tuners. I'm just wondering how 1 car is much more aggressive than the other 2.

Its all in the tune, the cars are near on identical specification wise.

so, to achieve the aggressive power delivery low down do you run a leaner mixture in spool areas with less timing? Or, aim for MBT throughout to reach peak torque quicker to get a similar sort of affect?

A slightly retarded timing in the spool up cells can promote better spool because of more heat in the ex manifold. Others please comment as well.

Hi all, I’d love to know the best way to map ignition timing for quick spool up in the boost transition areas of the map. Is the above comment regarding retarding timing for higher exhaust temps correct, or would you be aiming for the optimum ignition timing for torque as you would an NA engine?

Try it and log your results. If your goal is to improve spool, then retarding timing to increase temps is considered the way to go.

Thanks for input.

I will test when I get track time. I'm road tuning and 35mph speed limit... So not ideal!

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