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Tuning Race fuel with AEM Wideband

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Hello i have a question about tuning race fuel with a aem wideband that u cannot change the fuel type like he LM-2 is capable of

how do i know what afr i am suppose to stick with since the race fuel stoich is different than reg-pump gas.

do i have to calculate some values or is there a way to do this i hope that someone here can point me in the right direction.

the fuel that i will be using is VP M5.

I normaly use my LM-2 to tune with but i have sended it for repair and i have a tuning job to do so i hope that i can be helped with this

Thanks in advance


set the gauge to Lambda

The LM2 can be adjusted to suit different stoichiometric AFRs using the LM Programmer software. You can select from a drop down menu to suit the fuel you're running on. Personally I recommend using lambda because then it doesn't matter what fuel you're running on - lambda 1.00 is always stoich regardless.

First thanks for the fast reply.

But im sorry if u formulated my question wrong but my question was how do i go by tuning the race fuel with just the aem wideband gauge there no option for setting the fuel type like with the lm-2.

My lm-2 has been sended for repair so i dont have it i am force to use the cars own wideband which is an AEM wideband or is it just impossible to tune different fuel with that.

Thank you in advance


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