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tuning strategy for stock internals / limited engine

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hello all,

(although i have a question on a specific engine, i ask in general, what is the correct strategy to tune a limited engine.)

R35 stock internals engine, TQ limits are between 600-650ft-lbs.

also saw that it's not recomended to go past 18-19psi of boost.

from my understanding the right strategy is to limit the peak torque to (for example) 600ft-lbs, then i just ramp the boost and the timing while keeping the torque at 600ft-lbs?

it will be great to get some info in general, thx.

You pretty much nailed it - Limit the boost and timing around peak torque to stay under your desired torque limit. Once you're above the peak torque area you can begin ramping the boost in to maintain a relatively flat torque curve at your desired limit.

Thx Andre.

Any tips on tuning a stock gtr ? Or tuning with Cobb accesstuner?


I've only been involved with a couple of stock GTRs and they were mild tunes. The few VR38's that i've been able to lean on were all built engines so i may not be too much help sorry. From what i understand the torque limit you've highlighted is about as far as you want to go on the stock rods so as long as you watch that and stay away from knock you should be safe.

Thx again (:

"I've only been involved with a couple of stock GTRs and they were mild tunes."

Reece's world record breaking car was far from mild!!! From memory you sized the turbo and maybe tuned it too?

EDIT - Ah, I see the discussion is specific to R35s. I retract my previous statement lol.


I learn every day that Andre is been involved in a lot of interesting projects (;

If you commented Matt, any input on tuning a r35 with Cobb accesstuner?


can anyone give me some reall time information about stock sr20det red top power figures?? Looking at doing the same as above just on sr. Thanks

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