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Tunning Software For Supra's , GTR and Nissan cars

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Hello , i was wondering what Softwares can be used for a tuning shop for these cars Supra's , GTR's and Nissan patrol's that is commonly used , or what is the best tuning software for them and from were can i get it for tuning shop not just use it for one car thank you .

As Andre as mentioned, there is no tuning software that does every car.

Are you talking r35 gtr? If so, i think Cobb Accesssport is pretty broadly used to tune the stock ecu.

Older nissans you can solder in a rom, and rom tune, if you are trying to do it on the cheap, but thats just a pain in the ass.

Pretty much each platform has its own following which makes their own software, with exception of aftermarket ecus of course. A pnp

ecu is your best bet if you want to stick to a single software for broad uses. I'm currently using Link ecu in a lot of different applications, and they do have quite a few different PNP options.

Hope that helped

The stock Toyota ECU in the Supra isn't one that is commonly chipped, I don't know of anyone that does it. There are, as 13bjunkie mentions, plug and play (PnP) options available, the most commonly used here in the UK is the Link/ViPEC and the Syvecs/Life Racing ECU's. Both of them are good but I would say the Syvecs is aimed at the top end of the market/ track car as the software is geared towards using keystrokes instead of a mouse/touch pad. The Link/ViPEC ECU's are a lot more end user friendly, in my opinion, and for the tuner is an easier system to familiarise yourself with.

Nissan GTR's (the R35) have a few options, open source(ECU Edit), ECUTEK, COBB, for tuning the OEM ECU, UPREV also have software available for it but they admit themselves it's not very comprehensive, or there are PnP options for it too, Syvecs and MoTeC I'm sure have direct replacement kits available.

What engine in the Nissan Patrols will you be working with? Generally in the UK we only get the diesel powered patrols

Toyota, I don't know of any tune kit that does OEM Toyota ECUs.

Nissan you can choose between NISTune, NismoTronic or a few others. I like Nistune but that's because its in Australia so it easier for me to get than many others.

With regards to Patrols I'm like Chris and would ask what engines are you wanting to tune?. In Australia some had the RB30 fitted so they can easily be tuned with NISTune but if you're talking about the 4.5 litre V8 I have no idea.

If your want to tune early Nissan's, Nistune is brilliant and Matt give great support, I've been tuning Nissan's for years now and have found Nistune to be second to none.

My Supra has a Stand a loan ECU Haltech sport 2000, also thinging of fitting my link G4+ fury into the Supra, it could end up in the Skyline as Haltech has the Elite series now.

ECUTek and ECUedit mazdaEdit support allot of car's google it.


Great , got the general idea now

Thanks all for the replies

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