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Just wondering what software & hardware people in uk are using? Only just starting out, looking kessV2 but wondered if anybody had any experience with any other products that they would recommend more highly than kess?


Regional considerations are of no concern nowadays.

Can you state what car manunfacturers you are looking to work on?

ECUTEC, amongst others, is what springs to mind.


Hi Dom

I would mainly be wanting to work with VAG vehicles, however, I would like a tuning software that allows me to tune/reflash as many vehicles from as many manufacturers as possible.

I am only just starting out though and don’t want to waste money on the wrong equipment. What equipment and software would you recommend to someone just getting started in the tuning/reflash world?

Hi Ryan

It depends.

Since you are just starting, you will need to partner up (find) with a reputable "file service". Purchase the prorgamming tools, perhaps a slave, depending on the trusted tuner If you aspire to get work done within an overseeable amount of time and effort.

In order to read / write files, you can indeed use KESS (OBD) but often you will need to bench read (KTAG, and the likes) or boot mode read (prying open the casing with considerable risk of damage).

Having said the above, it is not usually necessary to de-re-solder a single EEPROM anymore, since the memory is spread across multiple "chips" now.

One can read and compare the changes made to the programming, by the use of WINols, after the encrypted file from Master has been programmed in, if you know what I am trying to convey to you here.

When your Intention is to learn "only", master HPA's WINols course and have a VAG car to practice with.


I think so. So if I use a Kess system that can OBD, bench read and boot combined with a trusted file service this would be a good starting place?

I do aim to be able to provide custom maps eventually as I learn more. I currently have a VAG car and plan to practice on that.

I am right in thinking that I can download a stock file/map, rewrite that file/map and apply the new map simply by using OBDII connection, a Kess or similar system, a laptop and retuning software or do you always require a file service?

Apologies if I’m asking stupid questions 😂

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