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understanding a trigger scope link g4+

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good day guys,

I'm looking for some advice in interpreting a trigger scope.

the engine is a 4g63 using a link g4+ fury ecu. Its running a kiggly racing 12 tooth crank trigger wheel. Also, one of the cam teeth was removed. I did a trigger scope and this is the image i got. i would like to know if it looks like a typical image? and i would also like to know if I'm interpreting it correctly. i'm thinking to set both trig 1 and trig 2 edges to rising? is this correct?

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It looks usable, it is a little odd to have 11V on trigger 2, normally they are just pulled-up to 4-5V by the ecu. Is the trigger 2 pull-up turned on? It should still be fine but it is not normal for a 4G as far as I remember.

As for edges, you are correct, rising on trig 1 and either rising or falling on trig 2 will be ok, this will give you the best margin from the possibility of the edges clashing from cam belt backlash etc.

You can see in the marked up image below, cam falling edge (pink line) clashes with a falling edge on the crank. However the cam rising edge (long green line) sits nicely centered between two crank rising edges (short green lines).

thank you Adam. i may finally get it to start.

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