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Understanding Torque And Horsepower _ Article (Sasha Anis)

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Hi All,

This article is a great read, I'm wondering what, (if any) practical implications or strategy, this info might have, to your approach when tuning?

"So this re-enforces the statement that average power is very important, not just peak power. A flat torque curve will have very poor average power as the power is always climbing rapidly with RPM (or falling rapidly with a loss of RPM)."


I think Sasha did a great job of explaining a concept that even those who have a strong understanding of engineering and physics still can struggle with. The implication or take away I guess is that if you have a plot of your engine torque from the dyno, and you have your gear ratios, final drive and tire rollout, you can reproduce the plot that Sasha used and see what the ideal shift point is in each gear. You may find in many cases that it isn't where you're currently shifting, and it will most likely be slightly different in each gear.

Yes,good point, is it possible that the dyno can be used for "run through the gears" to map a more real world Power graph? I realise varying the load to emulate the real world might be tricky. Would track data logging and a strain-gauge give give us any usable information?


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