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Doing my first UPREV tune on a Twin Turbo 350z , anyone have any UPREV experience? I tinkered with it on a Turbo Spec V Sentra but never did any rechaling and such. So if any one has any tips Id appreciate it!


I have done a few turbo and supercharged 350z's on Uprev now and had great results.

The first biggest thing is what MAF sensor are you using?

The stock MAF will max out quickly, I have used the Uprev upgraded maf sensor when going turbo or s/c (Basically just an R35 GTR Sensor) which Uprev have the calibration for and can just be selected (providing what size maf pipe you're using you wont need to alter it much). Then its just a case of injector scaling and main fuel and AFR table.

What turbo setup and injectors is it running?

Once you get your head around the software etc its very easy to use and nets some great results.

If you have any questions in particular let me know.

Thanks Chris, from what I know its an AAM twin turbo kit that already has a calibration but the customer says it runs rich. I never scaled injectors or a maf with UPREV so this is going to be my first rodeo! Im going to read the UPREV Manuals and see how it goes from there.

one thing to note with Uprev is that you can't read the files from the car so you need an unlocked copy of the tune to work from

Chris I found the hard way once! Reflash world is complete opposite of what I know, Im still not sure what the best procedure for maf scaling but customer has to come back. I noticed it sounded suabruish when it pulled it. After doing a pull to 4k and looking at Wideband logs I figured out Bank 2 was lean. The Cyl 6 was dead, compression was fine and had spark. Brand new DW injector was DOA and customer never noticed, thinking it was his new exhuast why the car sounded like that! Lol

Another strike against DW injectors, that's a hard lesson for the customer but a good excuse to upgrade. have you done the reflashing course yet as there's a section on MAF scaling. Generally you'd switch onto blow through for the MAf but that should be part of the installation as the OE position maxes out around 450HP I'm sure

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