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Hello i have seen many of this type failing. i have seen an increased number of them coming in for tuning while they seem to run ok for a while they dont seem to last

They are just a different color, the R8 and FSI coils are nearly identical in design. They are mostly just physically different.

I have a large thread where several of us in the 1.8t tech forum on the cortex did dyno, road and race testing on many cars in many regions around the world ina variety of setups. All with data and comparisons to show...they are only a different color and price.

One of the best things you can do is thoroughly go through the coil pack harness and look for breaks in the shielding/insulation, especially on the ground wires for each and the man harness. Do proper plugs, gap and svc interval as well as replace the coils more frequently if heavily modified.

These cars are now 23-17 years old.

NGK BRK7E .026" gap for anything tuned. Checking gaps every 5k, replacing every oil svc(10k)

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