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VAG MED17 tuning

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Has anyone got any background in tuning med17?

I am about to start my journey from standalone's to trying to play with Med17 on a Ea888.

I will be using Maestro7 to tune, but the torque control at "optium tq" maps have left my brain in a mess! Would love to be pointed in a direction for some good reading! or any pointers!

Initially I am looking to just play with boost, timing and fuel.



Sorry Daniel, this is outside of my current experience but please keep us up to date with what you learn. There's a huge amount of demand for information in the VAG tuning market and precious little hard data to rely on sadly.

if you're looking to change boost and fueling, that's not where to to start. There are tons of maps that limit boost control that need to be adjusted before you're actually able to turn up boost. If you're DSG there are boost requesting maps even in there, and the is20 maps are very different than is30.

I tuned so many MED17 ECU by Winols.

Not easy to another tools.

The Maestro maps for mk5, mk6 and mk7 have been updated a ton versus when most of these posts were first up.

My biggest thing with MK5 stuff is the 3 timing maps.

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