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Andre what's the largest VE numbers you have seen on NA and Turbo? Is there a general trend for 4/6 cylinder JDM motors to be more efficient than say the big block V8's? or vice versa?

On our Toyota 86 I'm seeing VE peak around 110-112%. The VE is an aspect of engine efficiency so in stock form you could expect a modern multi valve engine to offer higher VE than a pushrod 2 valve engine.

Also remember that the accuracy of the numbers in the VE table are only ever going to be as accurate as the background fuel model and the way the injectors have been characterised - What I mean is that if the injector flow numbers are off by 10%, this will artificially effect your VE numbers.

Thats a good question actually. I wonder what peak VE F1's are achieving?... especially now that they're turbocharged!.

It's an interesting question Marek and probably one we are unlikely to get an answer to sadly.

While the VE is undoubtedly very high, it's their ability to achieve high VE at extremely high rpm that leads them to achieve such high specific power levels. What I'm getting at is that the engines don't make very much torque, but what torque they do make is at very high rpm and hence it becomes a powerful multiplier in the HP = Torque X RPM / 5252 equation. That's how you get 700 + hp from the old 2.4 litre naturally aspirated V8 - Just make peak torque at 18,000 rpm :)

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