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VE table with supercharger intallation

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How do you calculate gain in VE on a speed density engine when you install a supercharger. What other tables you need to change or modify in order to make a good tune. I know fueling is one and VE table is used to adjust AFR requested vs Real, but i need help to make a base map to start the tune.


There's not much difference from this to tuning an NA set up from scratch, as the boost increase is linear with a super charger the VE with increase in a linear fashion, what you will need to be careful of is you will reach the knock limit of the engine, especially with the tune being done for an NA set up originally, start by pulling 5-8 degrees in the high load areas and tune it as if it were a fresh tune

Thank you chris,but how do you build a base ve table to have safe afr´s during dyno tune, how do we calculate % gain in efficiency when insalling a supercharger.

Unless you have a lot of experience with a particular engine, in my own view it's a little futile to try and calculate or guess at what the VE will be for a given configuration - There are simply so many parameters that can have an affect on the VE. If you have a VE map that's already developed for an N/A engine and you add boost, you're going to see the VE increase over the numbers you had when N/A, however if you double the boost (for example, 1 bar of positive boost), you're not going to see the VE double.

My own approach is simply to tune the VE table to suit the engine. As you start from low rpm/load and build your way up, you'll quickly get an idea of the shape of the VE curve and be able to use this to tune ahead and build up your map safely and quickly. In my own experience this is a much faster way of tuning than trying to calculate the expected VE.

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