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Vipec V44 Anti lag and cyclic idle help

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Hi Guys,

I have a client with a bmw m50 2.5 L engine running a turbo setup

HE has a vipec v44 ecu wired in

I setup ignition to be wasted spark (3 2 channel ignitors)

For fuel i am runing "multi point group "(since the ecu has only 4 injector outputs)

This is a drift car so anti lag is a must and without a throttle kicker

so basically we open the throttle enough that anti lag works and need cyclic idle to work

Link/vipec say that cyclic idle does not work on multi point group BUT i see a lot of cars running it

This ecu was installed on a 1jz engine running cyclic idle (unfortunately it was pwd protected so i couldnt see the setup)

Any ideas guys?

I've never set up antilag using an ECU that is running in batch fire or group fire injection. The reason Link suggest that it won't work is because cyclic idle is controlled by fuel cutting to individual cylinders in a randomised pattern. With group fire injection each injector drive controls two injectors and hence the cut effect is magnified.

You may still be able to get an acceptable result though depending on how aggressive your antilag strategy needs to be and your idle settings. Have you tried setting the antilag up yet? How does it perform?

Personally I would install a throttle kicker or air bypass solenoid if you want to run antilag. The cyclic idle mode is a complete pain in the ass any time you need to drive the car in a transport stage compared to using a throttle kicker, air bypass or ethrottle control.

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