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Vipec v88 wideband logging issue

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Hi ,

I am facing trouble in tuning and have couple of questions regarding vipec v88.

I have a vipec v88 wire in ECU which i bought from a tuning shop from usa.

The map which came with it has different ANALOG Inputs assigned while [ same as the vipec plugin pin out ]

The base map which comes with VIPEC v88 has different ANALOG inputs assigned.

I have connected the wideband to an volt 3 and selected CAL4 for it. The Live values are a full point off and if try to log Wideband avg the values are far off- If select any of AN v3 or v4 to be off the wideband logging stops. I started lowering the 5v value in CAL4 to see at what voltage the gauge and logged value becomes same or close - So at 3.60 volts i see 14.3 AFR..

Whats happening here, am i missing some thing ?

Please advise.

D rx7pcl is the map that came with vipec and the other one is current map.

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What wideband are you running with?

if its got a ground for the analog output, it should be grounded to a sensor ground on the ecu.

Also, you need to get your voltage span and input that into the cal

example, aem wideband is usually 0v=5AFR and 5v=20AFR

This is why I'm not a massive fan of analogue voltage based wideband controllers. It only takes a small voltage offset in order to seriously mess with the accuracy. As 13bjunkie said, the first point is to ensure that the 0V from the wideband controller is connected to a sensor ground. Even with a solid 0V reference I still see inaccuracies though. Usually what I do if possible is set the wideband controller to a fixed voltage of 0.5 and then 4.5 volts and set the ANV input on the ECU to just look at the raw voltage. What you'll often see is there is a voltage offset - Let's say the wideband controller is outputting 0.5 volts but you see 0.42 volts at the ECU or similar. Providing the offset is consistent at both extremes you can just offset your calibration by the same amount and you should be good to go.

I am using AEM UEGO wideband. 0 -5v

How do i set the wide band to a fix voltage of 0.5v and 4.5 v ?

The aem cannot be set to output specific voltages. Its a great wideband but its not programmable.

Here is your map back, you had it set to .7v=10, it should be 0v=10

Try that, and make sure the wideband unit itself's ground is to the same place as the ecu.

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