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Hey all.

I recently got a AEM cd-7 dash for a VW and I am trying to understand something.

if I remove the the dash the car wont charge, fair enough since the dash is removed from the car . I'm wondering how I would connect the 'exciter wire' for the voltage regulator and where the proper place would be to do this and if anything special is required to do this. Sorry I kind of a novice at this exact thing but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or give me a hand.

Thanks all,

Normally the exciter wire needs to go to one side of an "Alternator Lamp". The other side of the lamp would connect to 12V ignition power. When the ignition is turned on but the alternator isn't spinning the alternator lamp will light, and current will flow to the alternator. When the alternator produces power, this balances the 12V power and the lamp will go out. If the Alternator fails (say the belt comes off), the lamp should come on.

Sometimes on race cars, we wire the lamp under the hood and don't actually mount it on the dash. The reason we still need the lamp is becsause it acts as a current limiter.

Hey David,

so if I understand you correctly would this be correct? see attached.

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That is not what I described at all. I don't know what to say.

oohhh man I just cant wrap my head around this. you have anything that you can draw up for me? lol

Let's try this picture (I don't think you will have to add the jumper shown), just wire the lamp.

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