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vr6 turbo 1st start

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hello everyone over the last couple of months iv been rebuilding my 12v vr6 turbo .. with a new turbo and internals and bigger diameter exhaust ..when i first turned the key it fired right in to life but was a bit rough and kind of sounded tight with a slight misfire when idling at 1500rmp also idel yoused to me around 800rmp . is this normal ... the afr when 02 sensor was up and running was 12.6 afr .. my question is should i leave the car to idle and warm up 1st before i start adjusting the VE table and setting up the idle settings and ignition. Sorry if this dose not make much sense . ... im using ECU MASTER CLASSIC ecu .

Yes, Gotta check for boost and vacuum leaks, make sure coolant system is flowing and not filled with bubbles. The ECT wil dictate afr control as well.

Still using an idle control valve?

ok so fill it with all relevant fluids start it up and let it all warm up to operating temperature and when its warming up look for boost / vacuum leaks whilst monitoring afr .. another question is would a fresh built engine have a higher knock engine noise than a run in engine as well . and no im not using a idle valve as it bust on me months ago ..

You'll have some noises i'm sure with forged pistons and such on the ol VR.

Make sure you prime the system first(unplug injectors, hook to charger and crank for 15 seconds each time 3-4 times to build oil pressure and get everything lubricated).

Don't rush it, go over everything as many times as you feel it takes. make a big cardboard check list and check off pre-start items, then check off first idle items,etc.

Watch oil pressure, coolant temp, and AFR.

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