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vw 2.0 ABA 8 valve distributor delete

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Hey guys,

I have a customer that wants and Haltech 1500 put in an VW 2.0 aba 8 valve engine. I also want to be able to control spark with the ecm as well, but this car has a distributor that also is the CAM position sensor for the stock ECU. I think I am going to have to still be able to some how read the cam position which is done by the distro?

I am new to converting distro cars to direct fire type setups so I thought I would ask if anyone had any suggestions to make this as reliable as possible? or if there is a better way to do this all together. I am open to any suggestions.

I'm not familiar with that particular engine but you can get all the information the ECU needs from a distributor. Most distributors for EFI engines will include either one or two trigger discs. Since the distributor spins at half engine speed it's possible to deduce both engine speed and position depending on the trigger type. Many distributors for example will have a multi tooth disc for engine rpm and a single tooth for position. Others have a single pickup per TDC.

Without knowing whats in the factory distributor it's a little hard to advise further. In the 4AGE 20V distributors I've modified these in the past with a billet cap to replace the distributor posts and converted them into a cam angle sensor.

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