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Webinar #55 - I have a link G4+. The webinar shows that you have the ability to graph torque to timing which appears to be a quick and easy way to determine MBT. It is my understanding that the dyno I have access to (Mustang / break dyno) samples afr / mfld pres / TQ and HP. Your webinar #3, labeled [Ignition Timing] follows a path that I can follow. Is this graphing technique unique to your dyno or to the Haltech software?

As a side note, while trying to advance through the #55 webinar say to 20min mark, I am bounced out of the webinar to your home page which means that reviewing specific parts of the webinar would require me to watch the whole webinar again. This is not the behavior past webinars so I am wondering if there is a glitch in this webinar.

The feature is provided by Mainline Dynolog software. They can do that because the dyno can interface with the ecu and gather data like ignition timing for example. You would have to contact Mustang or any other manufacturer of dyno you are using to see if they have that capability.

The 'torque optimisation' feature of the mainline dyno was one of the features that made up our mind to go with the brand. It's a very powerful tool. Right now I'm not aware of other dyno brands that offer something similar however I'm happy to be corrected.

I just watched that particular webinar and I can skip forward to any point in the video with no trouble. If you're not already, can you try watching it using Chrome as your browser and see how that works please. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

that skipping Problem has to be Internet Explorer related, using a different browser it works like a charm.

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