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What is a 2 step rev limiter

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Hi everyone

What is a 2 step rev limiter just want know if this is same as a luanch control or is like a anti lag if someone can give me an idea

how can i set this up.

thank you

The term '2 step' has sort of evolved out of drag racing to refer to launch control. Specifically we are talking about a secondary rev limiter that's active when you're at full throttle and have your foot on the clutch (hence 2 step).

We are actually nearing the end of filming our launch control advanced function mini course which deals with the launch control options in detail. This will be ideal for you if you are wanting to set up launch control.

I guess it really depend of the ECU brand.

For example on megasquirts there is a 2 step launch control,

(launch control + flat shift + other stuff like transbrake and a burnout limiter but that's not the topic here)

and also what could be considered a "2 step" rev limiter (called respectively soft and hard rev limit)

The first one is a progressive spark retard, and the other is a fuel and /or spark cut.

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