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Which areas of map to ignore on street road engine?

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Hi, i have H22 Honda engine and it has two maps - low and high. Which areas of maps i can ignore in tuning street road engine? Is there differences in tune on road and dyno?


Can you post screenshots of what maps you are looking at? Are you talking about low lift (VTEC off) vs high lift (VTEC on) ?

Yes. I have tuned my H22 engine by local tuner and i want it fine retune on dyno. I wuld like to know which areas i can ignore on dyno.

For example - Ignore area 0-400mBar and 3000-9000 rpm on low map and after tune interpolate it etc.

My ignition maps are attached.

Thank you guys and sorry for my english!

Attached Files

Is not like you can ignore some areas or not, if you have time on the dyno tune them, if not tune high load zone and extract as much power as you can. Then the street is more than enough to polish low and mid load zones.

Is that map already dyno tune? it look a little low on timing, did you check your timing with the light?

Yes its duno tuned. Its stroker h22 (h23)with 12,5:1 cr. I dont believe this tuner anymore, so i need to retune it.

I have tune a lot of H Series B series engine with the stock ecu, the timing look a little low, but a timing light and a dyno would figure that out. Pump gas? at what lambda is tune?

Timing light is ok, fuel is european 100 octane. At full throttle target afr is 13,0.

Skunk2 Pro1 cams, EuroR manifod, 70mm TB, Hytech header.

260 hp on crank on dyno.

is a good setup, I have seen cars like that making good power, is difficult to compare from dyno to dyno and countro to country... the other day with a Pro2 cams and a setup like yours we make 275whp, but the power start at 6000rpm more or less, it was a drag car so it was ok with that (97ron pump gas)

So do you think that ignition is low? Is that engine knock limited? I bought Plex knock monitor, so i can play with ignition :)

the dyno will tell you if the engine benefit from more ign adv, and the knock monitor will tell you if you are knock limited, in my experience with that octane you are gonna be available to get max torque without getting into trouble. And yes look like you can gain some hp with more timing, but like I say the dyno will tell you that, normally those engine run between 24-32° at wot, and is not a surprise to have a very flat ignition map at wot cause those engine produce a super flat torque band.

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