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Which Sensors to add (e85 Water to Air Intercooled Turbo Toyota 86)

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Hi All

I've installed my Motec M150 whilst awaiting the arrival of my turbo kit. Given I have a bunch of extra ECU I/O I was looking for opinions and advice on what extra sensors to add. Here is a list I've settled on but wondering what I'm missing that adds value - I don't necessarily want to add sensors just because I can, but only where they aid tuning or for use with trackday optimisation.

Car will be daily-driven with lots of track days / super sprints. In a few years it will be retired from daily duties, caged and raced.

- Fuel Pressure (measured at the output of the surge tank to the common fuel supply lines)

- Ethanol Content Sensor, also provides fuel temperature

- Replaced OEM MAP with 4 bar sensor

- Engine Oil Pressure

- Gearbox temperature

- Differential temperature

- Lambda (measured post turbo but before catalytic converter)

- Exhaust gas temp (x1 measured at the turbo input)

- Water-to-air intercooler water temperature

- 3 axis accelerometer (via Motec C125 dash)

- 10Hz GPS

- logging

I was thinking about the following but not sure they'll be worth the extra $$

- 4x EGT (one per cyclinder). My tuner has EGT probes and suggested if I tap the ports into the exhaust manifold we can use individual exhaust gas temps during the dyno tune and plug them after. The 1x EGT sensor before the turbo stays in and is there for protection from any over-temps from anti-lag

- inlet manifold temp. The OEM MAF has temperature but that is pre-turbo.

So what am I missing that will be helpful?

Definately the Inlet Air Temp sensor, especially as you aim to turbo charge the car. EGT's can also be useful, especially as it is difficult to get individual Lambda into these style engines.

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