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Wideband options for G4+

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Hi All,

lm in the market for a wideband to use with a Link G4+

I’ve narrowed it down to the MTX-L, or the LC1.

I was swayed to the former mainly for the nicer gauge, but I hear it can have reliability issues

what would you recommend ?

You don't want to use our very own Link CAN Lambda because you want a gauge?

I would strongly advise you to use a CAN based lambda controller and in this case there's really no reason not to use the Link CAN-Lambda. It's well priced and it's seamless to integrate with your ECU. The key advantage to CAN based lambda controllers is they aren't affected by ground offsets that can result in inaccurate lambda readings. Using an integrated solution like the CAN-Lambda also means engine rpm is relayed to the controller so that the heater isn't operated until the engine is running which is a huge help to extending sensor life.

It’s not that the Link system doesn’t have a gauge. The alternatives just happen to Incorporate. I know it’s a CAN system is fantastic bit of kit and the benefits are numerous. But anything readily available to me is twice the price of the likes of the innovate. It only being a street car and on modest enough tune I thought it was out of budget for my needs If you get what I mean ?

AEM X-series is CAN bus, similar pricing to innovate but more reliable. If you’re not worried about a gauge then the Spartan 3 from 14point7 is a good value CAN bus wideband.

I recommend to use the Link CAN Lamda, because it is one of the only lambda controller arround which match exactly Motec PLM Lamda readings of my Dyno. Another important aspect is, the Link Can Lamda can selfdiagnose faults off the sensor. All diagnostic info is sent to PCLink, both things makes it much safer to use full time Closed Loop Lambda.

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