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X-Treme Direct Injection HPFP and Injectors tuning

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Hello everyone. I am trying to configure my first base map for my Ford Focus RS. I'm not sure where to even start changing values for my after market injectors and HPFP. Does anyone know where I could find this info? My next problem is the upgraded wastegate actuator from turbosmart.

Sorry if this is a inexperienced question. Trying to learn.


Do you have a Link ECU fitted to the RS already? I thought you would need a Direct Injection capable ECU like the Force GDI to handle the DI injectors and HPFP

The first step is to contact Xtreme DI to see if they have calibration data availabe for their product to use with your tuning solution.

I know as an example they provide 3 point calibration data for HP tuners for their LT4 items.

The requirements to calibrate DI injectors vary greatly depending on the system you are tuning it on. For example the MoTeC M1 requires the linearisation table to be populated at various pressures until the point the injector output vs open time becomes linear, and then the reference flow is used for the injector size.

I am using a Cobb Accessport paired with their Accesstuner to make adjustments. In the description when buying the injectors, it is noted "only 1 ECU change is necessary to configure injectors and pump." I've had the car tuned by a pro tuner before and it ran perfect so I know it can be done.

I will reach out to Xtreme DI and see what they say. If I hear back, I will post the solution into this thread. Thank you guys.

The Ford Focus RS OEM ECU is one of the most complex unit arround. I spent over a month on the dyno to develope one tune. An that was just with bolt ons and still stock turbo.

There are 16 fuel maps. Each fuel map consist out of 4x 2D tables. The actual value of each table descripts a quadratic function, which models one rpm row of the fuel map. There are also over 50 3D ignition maps and 32 3D Torque maps.

Camtiming is choisen by a fuzzy logic. Every 10deg intake and exhaust cam timing there is a own fuel, several timing and two torque maps.

Boost control is modelled by exhaust energy> WG opening and boost target is requested by torque strategy.

So you choose one of the biggest animal to tune!

My recommendation is to change to a standalone ECU or find someone who has done all the homework and spent several weeks on the dyno with excatly your hardware setup.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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