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How to Degree a Camshaft with Factory Variable Cam Gear?

How to Degree a Cam

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I completed the course and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I have a question. If you have an engine with variable timing on the intake cam and you deck the engine head, do you need to worry about trying to degree that intake cam or will the ECU automatically sort that out?

Most engines with variable cams, have some sort of fixed stop you use to position the cam, so there is no need for the measuring procedure usually associated with degreeing the cams.

Unless you're a VERY experienced builder, the skimming isn't something you really need to concern yourself with as one degree of timing will require something like 50 thou" (1.25mm) off the faces, depending on the sprocket(s) diameter.

As David said, the manufacturer will have a procedure for locking and checking the camshaft timing and there are several ways this is done - check on-line for your engine. Usually modern manufacturing is PDC (Pretty Damn Close) and you can run on the stock marks - however, if you've installed an aftermarket camshaft and/or sprockets/pulleys it's a smart move to check they're actually timed correctly, in which case use the lock method and set the camshaft timing as required.

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