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hydraulic lifters , evo 8

How to Degree a Cam

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evo 8 , kelford cam shaft . hydraulic specs cam and hydraulic lifters

im trying to degree these cams but the hydrailic lifters is losing oil pressure in 3 seconds and making the job too hard and doubt the result .

how do you deal with such a lifters and is thr a way to keep the lifter not to bleed oil this fast in order to finish the producer .

thank you so much

You are going to need to make some sort of solid lifters.

Watch this video


In particular from 9 m 10 sec

thank you

now its clear . ill use sold lifters for degreeing the cam thn shift back to hydraulic .

You better off to make them adjustable to be precise

I ended up buying 4 solod lifters to put on the no.1 cylinder from stm, they sell them single for 25us per lifter andnits easy to adjust. One error i made was i didnt look at yhe kelford website before and i set the valve clearance a little too wide so i was getting inaccurate readings, only after i realized you had to basically set the clearance at almost zero. I also realized kelford doesnt depend on center line settings as i previously thought and had done with other cams to shift the centerline advance or retard, all they want is that you set the ivo, ivc, evo and evc at their suggested points and you good to go. Kelford cam degree

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