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VW 2.0 Cam Timing and Various Head Options

How to Degree a Cam

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Multiple questions here so I apologize in advance, looking for input, advice and options.

The VW EA113 TFSI 2.0 head is DOHC and timed with a single pulley on the exhaust side cam (crank pulley side). On the same cam (exhaust) opposite side is the VVT, this then drives the intake cam via chain. The head uses a hydraulic lifter and rocker arm.

For this head you can buy the single adjustable pulley, but any adjustments made will be exhaust side and in doing so you will be altering the intake at the same time, I've always seen the most improvement from the intake over exhaust and degreed that first but there's no means of adjustment on the intake. I'm guessing this isn't ideal? I'm not massively familiar with the VAG engines in this area of adjustment.

The other available head is the 16v DOHC, this head does not have VVT but is the same as the EA113 in regards to the single pulley, chain driven intake. The other difference is this head used the cam lobe directly to the bucket/shim on top of the vale rather than hydraulic lifter and rocker arms.

Is there some sort of trick to adjusting the intake, have I overlooked something or is this a inherent design drawback?

On the back of this, what would be the better option for performance turbo application? The head with VVT and hydraulic lifters or the head with no VVT and bucket/shim setup. The car will be road legal but not daily driven, and will do time attack and track days.

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