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Magnus slipper valve

Launch Control

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I’m hooking a Magnus clutch slipper valve onto my fwd drag car that has a motec m800 ecu I’ve got it all wired up to be controlled by the ecu but I’m trying to figure the best way to setup the output in the ecu

in the past on hondata I would use a nitrous output to control the valve

would appreciate help on this


How does it work? What are you trying to make it do? You probably want to use an auxiliary output / table, with table axis that represent when you do / don't want it active.

Basically the electronic part is a line lock and when actived it runs the return path through a adjustable oriface valve so basically I need to activated it on the launch and have it deactivate depending upon mph or time once the car is going so I don’t break parts

So it's a switch, not a PWM signal? Can you tie the +power side to a driver controlled toggle switch that you activate prior to launch, so that it controls the power, and the ground side to the ECU, so it grounds it when the speed is below your transition speed. Does that sounds right?

First, set the necessary Auxilary Output to Function 3 (Aux Table), then the parameters as follows:

PWM/Switched - 1 Switched

Output Mode - 0 Low Side (Switch to Ground)

Polarity - 1 (this will force the grounding of the output when table value is 50% or higher)

Frequency - Value ignored

Min & Max Duty cycles - values ignored

Hysteresis -- 0 (but see help)

Table, Start with just a single axis (X), enable that and select the speed channel you wish to use. Fill in the axis breakpoints with values you care about- I would do 0, desired transition speed-0.1MPH, desired transition speed, some too-large speed (200 mph). For example, perhaps 0, 59.9, 60, 200

Fill out the table with 100 in the first two cells, and 0 in the last two cells.

Hopefully that is enough to get you headed down the right path.

I think time will be a the tricky parameter -- I've never used the General Setup->Timers -- but I think you would want to use those, then you could use Timer1 or Timer2 as the other Aux Table Axis, now you fill in the conditions in the table when the switch should be active.

Yes it’s a switch not a pwm the only way I was told to wire it up was using a relay to control power to it honestly so I have it wired up so the ecu will turn the relay on when I need it activated

thank you I’m gona set this up later on today and see how it goes if I have any issues I’ll let you know

thanks again David

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