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Hello, my name is Santiago. I wanted to know if there would be any possibility that the videos have a Spanish translation. I am from Argentin and in some cases it is difficult for me to understand certain terms. thanks!


Where will I be able to translate the videos and the content of this course, Im having trouble translating it on my own. If Im able to see it in Spanish that would be great.

This has come up before - not sure if you chaps realise this, but they, HPA, are a small team in NEW ZEALAND - Spanish speakers with the ability to translate technical terms, are probably about as common here as technically educated Maori speakers in Mexico City, which is roughly double the population of the entire country of NZ.

That said, if a fluent, knowledgeable Spanish - or any other language user - user wishes to volunteer to provide translations, I'm sure the HPA team will be happy to work with them. You just need to ask to find out?

Similarly for Liu, but with the complication of China using many different languages and dialects - which did you have in mind, as if you're a Mandarin speaker, Cantonese or Hunanese* may not be helpful.

It's going to be hard work, but the best option may be to learn the english terms because that will give you the ability to apply that knowledge to ALL english based sites?

*There are many, but those are the only three I know of.

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