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1969 Datsun 510 - Sleeper/ Race Car

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I actually got this membership more than a year ago, and I've been lurking while trying to wrap my head around my overly ambitious project.

The car is '69 Datsun 510 which my dad bought new in '69, and then it got handed down to me as my first car. I then promptly beat the hell out it for 20+ years. I did a full restoration in 2000, and made it into an incredibly clean/ fun sleeper. It's exterior and interior are bone stock, but it now has a 2.2L EFI motor, ITBs, 4.11 LSD, 5 speed, coilovers, camber plates, wider wheels, mono-ball everything, etc etc.

I was originally running an Electromotive EFI setup but that crapped out on me around the time I was having some motor issues. The car has been garaged for the last 10+ years. I recently built another 2.2L but his one has a more aggressive cam and better flowing head.

I've purchased a Motec M130 GPR, PM15, C125 Display, 8-Keypad, LTC, Injector Dynamics injectors, Coils and so on and now I need to build a harness.

Stage 1 is to try to get this new NA motor running, tuck the wiring in the engine compartment as best I can and "convert" all the stock switches (Ignition, headlights, blinkers) to digital inputs and let the PDM do the work.

Stage 2 will be to add a twin-screw supercharger and use the traction control of the GPR package. 400HP sounds fun in a 2150 lb car, if I can get the traction.

I'm now just figuring out all the tools and materials I'll need to buy, and rewatching all the video in the courses.

I'm in over my head. I apologize in advance for all the dumb questions I'll be asking.

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Very cool. My brother had a '71 510 that he learned to drift on the dirt roads back in the early 80's. He used to rotate his tires frequently to keep the wear even. Then back to the tire store for a warranty replacement after about 10,000 miles in a 40,000 mile tire. They would always do it because the wear was so even.

haha, I remember returning more than one "faulty" u-joint when I was trying to teach myself how to do the same. Ahhh high school...

The 510 is looking great Cory! My boys and I are huge fans of Vintage JDM cars. My best friend Savant is actually building a 3 Rotor 510 Wagon 😁 it's pretty much done and should be out soon. You can check out our projects and a his on our IG page @VintageJapaneseMotorUnion

Welcome to Hp Academy i hope we have the courses you are wanting, please let us know if you have any questions

Love the old school stuff as you can probably tell from my build thread on here. Welcome along mate.

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