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Austin from Kansas City, MO. USA

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Hey everyone, My name is Austin Barker I'm from the states. I've always been into cars as I'm sure anyone reading has been as well lol. I recently purchased tuning classes such as the EFI Fundamentals, Practical Reflash Tuning, Practical Standalone Tuning, Understanding AFR and Launch Control. My goal is to do this for a living one day but I don't know where to begin with equipment I need yet. I'm sure i'll figure it out as I go along with the classes. I spent my adult life wrenching on cars and came to the decision to explore a new career path. I'm not super smart with the internet, forums are a new thing to me so I will be learning how to properly find information I need.

I'm super excited to continue my learning and I couldn't do it if it was not for HPA doing Modules and Webinars. Truly gives me the time to learn at my pace which is amazing. So thank you guys in advance for answering any question I may have down the road.

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G'day Austin. Glad to have you here :-). I've got mad respect for anyone that changes their vocation later in life, as it really drives home that we're never actually done with learning, and there is always something new to get passionate about!

Thanks Zac, I was extremely worried when I started because out here no tuners give any info. They host classes for a few days and you pay $500 or more. I just don't feel I could of learned what I am now at one of those classes. Also I get to go back over any section I need to whenever I want as reference or refresher.

Hi Austin,

Welcome to HPA, I've done numerous classes and seminars but the advantage of HPA, where it stands out, is you can recap at your own pace as many times as you like.

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