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Dawn from UK - everything Toyota

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Hi all, I am from south of UK and have raced Toyota MR2 but now retired to Trackdays with my Toyota GT86. Very keen to learn as much as possible and be able to understand my car in more depth. Love my GT86 and its currently going through modification. These cars have a oil starvation problem when turning right and elevations. Its oil starvation so many mods like sump baffle, killer pickup and Accusump. However, I want to understand and learn much more about how it all works and how to fix and modify with sound knowledge.

Looking forward to engaging and going through the courses.


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Hi from a UK based ex AE86 racer

Hi Denis, where abouts are you in the UK? Are you doing Trackdays?




Currently rebuilding the attached to do track days and race...in real danger of it being ready soon...subject to funds!

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That is magic, let me know when you do a Trackday and will come along and join you.

Don't hold your breath...I sold the original Vauxhall red top about 14 years ago think it would only take a year or two to rebuild! Been a "journey".

Still, learnt a lot along the way, mostly that most people haven't got a clue what they are doing and you are generally better off learning to do it yourself.

Yes I know what you mean. Nobody takes the time and care that the owner does. I am not mega technical but have the right approach and am willing to learn. Its a messy market out there and most don't have the right training or attitude.

Things take a lot of time as took me 10yrs to build my Mirach but I did get help from a friend who was excellent.

Wow..a Mirach! Don't see many of them!

Only took me two years to build the green car the first time...rebuilding it PROPERLY took a lot longer.

Hi Dawn, i think we met up at a drift day with Yogi

Hi Brandon, yes I remember and have your number in my phone. Progressed with GT86 but its never ending. I think you had a friend who does GT86 stuff. Please remind me who he is and where he is located. I wonder if he is a member of the Cult 86 group?

Hope all going well for you.




Welcome! I support a number of folks tracking them and oil and fuel starvation are both issues.

A good baffle plate for the oil pan is key.

A surge tank helps the fuel starvation issue.

And an oil cooler is vital in keeping them alive.

Hi Mike, thanks for reaching out.

I have all that and Accu sump. Oil temps still hitting 130c on track sometimes. Struggling to get oil cooler cooled due to positioning. Its behind driver fog light so only air is from removed fog light. Not enough area to cool it properly. Can't fit in front due to intercooler. Any ideas on how people are keeping oil cool?



Glad to hear you're making progress with the 86!

it was Thomas (Rusty) at Advocult Motorsport ltd that we spoke about :)


Thanks for reminding me. Website now in my 86 folder.




The exit side is often the issue in cooling the oil.

Air pressure must be lower on the outlet side than the inlet for flow. How do you have the back side of the cooler ducted?

Hi Mike, ok will check that out when at the garage next. Thank you !

OK sounds good!

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