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FD RX7 in New Zealand

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Hi guys,

Figured i would write a quick post, i have been a member for awhile but I finally purchased the starter deal!

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and work on software for a living, this has given me a passion for doing things myself and understanding how they work.

I own a 1992 Mazda RX7 that i would like to run in both circuit events and hopefully one day hill climbs and targa events. Its body, suspension and brakes are heavily modified and i am starting to work on converting it to a single turbocharger (EFR8374 along with a Link G4+ ecu).

I would love to tune it myself (or at least get a base then have it checked over by someone more experienced.

Massive props to the owners of HP Academy, great idea and great content! Looking forward to learning more!

Check out https://www.instagram.com/troyschuetrumpf/ for more pics of the build in progress :)

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Nice! Welcome aboard regarding the starter package mate.Here are some webinars that you'll also want to take a look at in the future:https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/062-fuel-tuning-rotary-link-g4-2/https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/043-rotary-ignition-tuning-link-g4-vipec/What sort of software work are you doing? Certainly a nice looking RX7 you have mate.

Thanks Taz! Those two webinars look great, I am looking forward to watching them.

I currently work on a SaaS Performance management and eLearning platform, built solely out of Auckland NZ :) https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/growth-edition

That is one crazy looking RX, welcome to HPA

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