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Figgie from Minnesota USA

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Good afternoon everyone.

Recently became a VIP member here as the content is so rich, i decided to do something that I have always wanted to do and that is tuning!

I have been in the computer industry (IT, Cybersecurity) for 26 years.

I have decided to become a MoTeC dealer (i go to their course at the end of February) which will make me the 2nd in this great state of Minnesota for MoTeC (for all you Viper guys, Nth moto is the head MoTeC dealer here).

My background: I got into the import scene with a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo back that i bought in 1994. That car lasted me 225,000 miles before the rod bearings gave up. I have a very focused affinity on the MA70 supra and know them inside and out. Specifically the 7MGTE engine that gets a bad wrap.

I have contributed much technical data over the years on both Supramania and Supraforums (ATI Damper, carbon fiber drive shafts, stroker kit for the already stroked 7m) but now i am going to attempt to make a living out of it! My 2jz knowledge is not anywhere close in comparison.

Hope I am able to contribute here!



Hello Figgie

We hope your training is going well

Regards Ross

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