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I’m Arttu and i come from the West coast of Finland, a few years ago i scored a beautiful S15 Silvia with the Yashio factory widebody kit and it is gorgeous.

The only minor problem with the car was that it was N/a, well, no biggie, i’ve been tinkering all my life so surely i can strap a turbo to it.

The project started and then it grew out of proportion, spent a shitload of money on parts etc. But the car stud for a few years.

now i’ve finally managed to put it together just to the ending of last season and for this season i’m aiming to make some power out of it as well.

i’ve joined for the EFI -Courses to expand my knowledge and to go deeper in to the rabbit hole.

The car will still go to a Dyno to be tuned, by a professional, i just hope for now to get the basis correct so we can do a shakedown so to say before i take it to the Dyno so the Pro can then dial it in.

Maybe one day i’ll be able to tune my own cars and some of my friends cars, who knows.

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to Hp Academy, that is a great s15 thank you for sharing

Nice car alright!

Welcome along.

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