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My name is Mario and I am a gear head since I was a little kid as I spent a lot of time in my dad's shop in PR.

I have plenty of experience working on cars especially muscle cars as from the late '60s and Fox Body, you can tell I love the Blue Oval. thanks to all the knowledge that I have acquired by racing, prepping cars, and tuning vehicles lots of friends ask for advice.

As an instructor, I am aware that there is always room to grow and learn every day so that's how I got involved with EFI tuning after working with carbs for many years.

My experience is with Holley EFI on MOdular MUstangs with Supercharger and recently took on the challenge to help a buddy of mine sort out issues with a Miata ND using VersaTuner.

Welcome Mario we hope you can grow with our help

Looking forward to learning as many platforms as possible but right now my main concern is VersaTuner for a Miata ND that is giving me trouble.

Do you know anyone that can help me decipher the mystery of barely any acceleration in 6th gear?


Any gear-dependent tables (like DBW throttle position)? Can you take datalogs in 5th and 6th gear to look at the difference in Ignition Timing, Fueling, DBW behavior, Knock Retard.

I will definitely look into it once we have a chance to take to the track once again.

The biggest issue is that that we need to fit the laptop in a secure place to datalog the Versa Tuner and the AIM is on the way of the OBD 2 connection.

Thanks for the tip.

PS- Can we simulate this on a Dyno?

Another question - How does load translate to MAP ? I am use to the Holley software that the Target AFR is MAP to Engien RPM.

My understanding that load is a function of vacuum to 1 and anything above is Boost. Am I correct?


Does anyone have use ECUTEK on an ND1 Miata?

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