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Greetings from the UK!

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Good day all!

Lee here from England UK, I've just signed up for HP Academy and am excited to learn everything I can.

I actually run a small YouTube Channel (called LeEdFollow) with a friend, where we generally buy, modify and track cars. For our next big project we're going to be doing a EZ36 swapped Subaru BRZ soon with a Haltech Elite 2500.

We're both experienced car modifiers but we've always handed physically completed projects with base maps over to professional tuners when it comes to perfecting the mapping of the ECU. This will be our first car that we will aim to complete 100% of the work from start to finish ourselves.

I'm hoping to get the skill and knowledge I need to map this project car optimally and also apply this knowledge to future project cars.

Glad to be here and all the best!



That's cool, i'll be sure to check your channel out.

Greetings from Portugal




As a fellow EZ36 swapped track car owner, it's a great engine, except for one the severe oil starvation which starts at about 0.6 G, and causes almost total loss of oil pressure by 0.9-1.0 G.

Be sure you are logging oil pressure at high speed and have engine protection and warning strategies in place, but you'll be fine on the dyno without significant G forces at play.

After available options proved they were not solutions a friend and I designed and had one off pan, pickup and baffle plate made for my car to solve it and since then I've been able to really enjoy the engine. I'll be curious to see what you end up doing.

Here's a quick vid from testing at Circuit of the Americas. Mine is in a 2001 Impreza. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCEhPtgJ2Gk

Thanks guys!

Yes definitely, will be getting a baffled sump or an Accusump to make sure pressure is always good on track. Will be setting up gauges/monitoring/alarms for all systems.

Sounds good. For what it's worth I've only seen 1 baffled sump which others have shown doesn't work, and overfilling oil and using 3 quart accusump didn't work on my car. My solution ended up involving designing and machining one off parts, but I hope you come to something cheaper/easier!

Is that the PBMS Baffle? That is the only one I am aware of for the EZ series of engines but they tell me it only fits the EZ30 and not the 36.

So will probably be going Accusump on this occasion. But will still take off the sump and see if I cant come up with some kind of baffle here just to help out.


As you mentioned that one doesn't fit EZ36.

A good custom baffle will certainly help and was part of my solution. Looking at the stock pan, oil can literally go just about anywhere to get away from the pickup. Combine that with a super shallow/tiny sump, and it's no surprise that oil starvation is a major issue.

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