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Gt-four/Alltrac owner United States

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Howdy from America!

I have an ST185 Celica with a gen 3 3sgte swapped in. This car used to be Whiteline's test bench over here when they were developing their "works" kit for this car.

Mods are:

gen 3 swap, factory internals

Haltech Elite 1500 with a bunch of fun extras like oil pressure/temp, fuel pressure, wideband, boost control, etc

wire conversion done by me after watching hours of Zac's videos

gtx2860r. Currently running .63 turbine housing for more spool and less top end. We'll see if this needs to be sized up later.

st205 water to air intercooler

bigger injectors, fuel rail, FPR, pump, wiring... everything except the actual feed line under the car.

Aussie 3" exhaust

Mishimoto radiator & spal fan, activation courtesy of Elite ground-switching :)

custom 4" air intake kit made by me.

coilovers, bigger sway bars, big brake kit on all 4 corners

lots of other stuff. you know how it is.

It has a bit of a hodgepodge of suspension components at this point and I need to spend time nailing down the alignment and replacing the rest of the worn links/bushings/etc.

Unfortunately, there aren't many Haltech tuners in my area so I've really been struggling to get someone to actually tune it. Covid hasn't helped in that regard, either. I bought the tuning package here so I can at least make some strides and get it past the .5 bar wastegate spring. The end of the efficiency range for the turbo is 22 psi, but that seems like a lot to ask for my factory motor with head bolts and OE metal stopper gasket. I'm sure that gets discussed in the course at some point.

Regarding other and future cars, I live in the midlands and everyone here is obsessed with the blue oval or LS motors. Don't get me wrong, I like those too, but I really like heritage cars. The next project I keep kicking down the road is a gt40 replica kit with a voodoo engine. I'm just trying to convince the wife that we need a (clears throat) third garage so I can have a thicker concrete pad poured and have a 2-post installed.



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Hi dan cool projects mate. we hope you enjoy our content

Regards Ross

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