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H! From Sri Lanka

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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I'm from Sri Lanka, This is a country in the Indian ocean (Nope! we're not Indians) we are hardcore JDM lovers and performance parts industry is rapidly growing due to evolving racing enthusiast. I'm planning to expand my garage and dyno is my current priority. Hoping to educate my self before tuning cars. Insight to Motor racing culture in Sri Lanka

Great to have you involved and I hope that we can fast track your learning. It's always interesting seeing how the tuning industry differs in different markets around the world. Good luck with getting yourself a dyno!

Welcome to the forum,

Looks like your wanting to educate the masses in Sri Lanka, that's a big goal! You've definitely came to the right place to start