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Hello, Bert from Flagstaff Az

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Hi all, i'm Bert and i'm a noob tuner. Ive been an auto tech for 25+ years focusing on drivablity and diagnosis but have also done my fair share of heavy and light line work. I recently installed a V3 Vortech supercharger on my 2013 2500HD and was going through a EFIlive tune. I quickly got frustrated at the length of time that it took to get a tune and decided to start tuning myself. Ive been spending a great deal of time researching, reading forums and watching videos in an effort to come up to speed as fast as I can. Im sure ill have a lot of questions as i work through the VE table, MAF scaling, spark advance and the various other parameters that is needed to get the truck to run at top performance. I want to thank all in advance as I dive head first into this and ask questions!

Hey Bert,

Welcome to HPA. Excuse the ignorance, I'm in the UK, whats a 2500HD?

No problem Chris. It's a 2013 Chevrolet 2500 (3/4 ton) HD (heavy duty) truck with a 6.0L gas engine.

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