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Hello form Hungary with a 07 Hawk STi

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Hey everyone,

My name is Rozsályi. Béla Rozsályi.

I currently own an EDM 07 STi which I bought two years ago and unfortunately the engine was consuming so much coolant (even after a decking and headgasket replacement) that I had to replace the whole d@mn thing.

So right now I have a Stage 3 IAG closed deck block in it with 14mm studs, Cosworth heads and all the necessary ancillaries.

Although I am not an official engine builder nor a mechanic nor a tuner (work in the IT sector), I enjoy fabricating stuff, so I ended up converting the engine bay myself with some professional help to build the block itself.

After the mechanical part now is time to tune the car and again I decided to do it myself. Unfortunately it does not go as well as I was hoping, but I do not give up and I am sure I will succeed overtime even if takes a lot more then I anticipated. When I found HPA, I was very exited and after a lot hesitation I purchased some tuning courses which I find helpful, although again I was hoping to be able to reapply a little more from those then I actually can, so I will post some specific questions in the relevant forum sections and I hope that you guys will be able to help me out with some recommendations.

Overall I am happy to be here and I hope with all of your help I will be able to finish my ECU tuning.



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Welcome to HPA !

Welcome to HPA,

What sort of power are you making from your setup?

It will be somewhere between 400 and 450, once I get the program right.

So far it was running on 1bar (spring pressure), but last week I bricked the ecu, so I am waiting on some electrical components to try to un-brick it.

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