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Hey Guys,

My name is James and I just got signed up. I have a 2003 350z - running twin turbos utilizing a Haltech Platinum Plug & Play (harness). My main intention is to learn how to tune my car and know the ins & outs and the hows & whys of whats going on in the car. I've got a pretty good base knowledge as I've read a few technical publications and I've tinkered with the car/tune/haltech but nothing significant - I know just enough to be dangerous.

when I'm not in the garage, I'm usually at the ice rink playing hockey or playing with our dogs! I'm a civil engineer by profession.

Hi James,

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a nice project you have, what power is she running?

Welcome James,

Your twin turbo 350z sounds interesting tell us more?

Hey guys - thanks for the inquires - I'll try to be brief! But I bought the car back in 2005 (wow, 10 years now) and had it as a weekend/limited daily driver. I had a work truck so the car just sat in the garage most the time.

Fast forward to 2008, mis-threaded the oil pressure sensor and it blewout the fitting on the upper oil pan and the block had to be pulled. Timing was right and I got a stage 3 crate engine from Import Parts Pro in Texas. Before the crate engine with the ATI procharger on the car and it did well, 375whp/320wt. Got the new block, new fuel system, haltech, along with a few other goodies and the car jumped up to 455whp/400wt. I was happy and content but looked back on the process and regretted that I wasnt involved with the build.

Fast forward to 2013 and I came across a pretty nice greddy twin turbo kit with blown turbos...got a great price on the package, sent the blowers off to be rebuilt, upgraded and custom built a few other things and strapped everything together...had a few issues along the way that I worked through. And I'm not sure when and not sure why but I'm fairly sure I lost my head gaskets along the way - either I detonated bad or my cooling issues compromised them. So summer of 2014 got the engine out of the car, installed new head gaskets, machined the heads, and the whole nine yards...

Since the late summer/early fall the car has been down as I'm really getting into tuning and engine control. I've idle the car and driven it around the neighborhood and everything seems to be working fine. I want to tune the car myself and despite the handful of books, publications, online tutorials, online videos and hours on the forums I don't feel that I've got a good enough grasp on the subject to dive in head first.

So that's what I'm hoping to learn from the HPA guys. The z isnt a daily driver, in fact, quite the opposite - this is more of a learning tool for me to accomplish something that I want to do. I learn best from having technical information and a practical application...It's a good feeling to watch a webinar, take notes, work in my tuning computer and then go out to the garage and use that knowledge to make changes to my tune. I dont know that there are too many other programs out there like the HPA setup - so I'm very thankful that Andre and Ben have put this together.

I'll post up some picture/links of the car...

That sounds like a real journey, I'm sure you'll get all the info you need from the courses and webinars, anything else just ask on the forum and no doubt someone will know

A few days after getting there supercharger kit installed:

a few years ago...

new head gaskets!!

more recent turbo/cooling upgrades:


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