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Hello from Florida, United States of America

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Hello everyone,

My forum name is Solingen, and I am a manufacturing engineer from the USA. I live in the State of Florida, and work a day job for a massive corporate conglomerate of global renown. In my facility we manufacture MRI Coils. My next role will most likely be that of a "software" engineer, which is pretty vague... It is really just the reality of where the market is pushing me. There is always more to learn.

I have some experience in a couple things and am acutely aware of how little I actually know. I would say that I am more concerned with how little I have chosen to remember. But, that is why I utilize computers and the internet.

I started working full-time when I was 15 years-old, but found my first job at 12. Immediately preceding my current career path/role, I completed an apprenticeship at a German-Family owned and well-established Bosch Automotive Service Center. I was allowed to attend Bosch Service Center Training at their Facility in Broadview, IS.

Afterwards, I worked as a professional technician specializing in the lighter side of things, in areas such as Modules/Electronics, Drivability Concerns, Electrical Diagnosis, and primarily Bosch Engine Management methods. I also worked for several garages in Tampa, FL that provided race prep services, and relished the opportunity to play in that sandbox... I enjoyed the concepts employed, and appreciated the creativity and calculated problem solving involved.

I have owned a a couple of cars that I have tracked, but none were on par with a purpose built machine. They were all street legal, and driven to the track/event. The closest that I was able to get to feeling like I was doing something, is when I would switch my wheels/tires to compete... Prior to this I enjoyed being able to win in B-Class Autocross, and even farther back I enjoyed racing sims(shamefully, I just started spending some of my free-time playing GT Sport).

TL;DR I like to drive. I like to invent, build and fix things. I like to read and learn. It can be a lot... Yep, that about sums it up.

Thanks for Reading and Kind Regards,


Hi solingen,

im new here too. Look forward to getting to know a few people and finding my way around the forums.



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