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Hello from Michigan (Detroit Area) BEAMS AE86!

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Hey everybody! I finally got around to posting on the forum. I signed up for some of the HPA tuning courses after running into issues finding a local tuner who would work with the Adaptronic M2000 ECU I have in my corolla. I took one of the webinars just to learn a bit, and ended up signing up for several classes. I haven't gotten it on the dyno yet to tune it as I'm still learning, so I've been running it on the stock ECU for awhile.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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Welcome to HPA Devin,

is the Adaptronic wired in on a patch loom?

Thanks Chris!

I do have the Adaptronic on a patch/jumper harness that I made. That way I can switch back and forth between the Adaptronic and Toyota ECU for testing. But I need to make a new one, because the connections for the wire to the Toyota connector head aren't the best. I've been trying to figure out what different companies do for that.

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