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Hello from Michigan, US

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Hi my names Justin I'm from Western Michigan in the United States. I am interested in all kinds of cars, especially if they have forced induction! I started with Honda D16's in CRX's racing high speed auto cross. I moved to VW MK4 Golf after that and have stuck with VW/Audi since. I have been through a few of them since the Golf but currently I have a 1982 VW Rabbit Pickup with a 2.0 16v drivetrain swap from a 87 GTI which I bought and I also have a 2001 B5 A4 Avant 1.8T that I have done all the mods myself. It has APR Stage 3 Turbo Kit, RA4 Clutch Kit, Bosch EV14 630cc Injectors, Integrated Engineering Forged Rods to name a few and Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite which is the reason I'm here, to try and gain information on the software or at least a general idea of what direction to head and how the different maps interact with one another. My knowledge is limited I'll admit and I've been researching for some time now. There is a lot I still need to put together but I have already gained a lot of useful knowledge from the EFI Tuning Fundamentals and Practical Reflash Tuning courses I've purchased here as well as watching some of the webinars and reading the book, Engine Management: Advanced Tuning by Greg Banish. So that is a little about me and where I am as of now. I am looking to get information on Eurodyne like I mentioned, specifically information about Short and Long Term Fuel Trims and how to tell what percentage they are off for scaling the MAF, Closed Loop and Open Loop Operation and which maps are related to each other like Main Fuel Correction, Alpha N, Injector Correction and Power Enrichment. Like I mentioned my knowledge is somewhat limited and there are probably dots I'm not connecting and steps I may be missing that I need to take and gain more understanding on before I mess with any of the maps but that is why I'm here to learn and gain understanding. Thanks for reading and any info or direction is greatly appreciated!

Hi Justin,

Welcome to HPA, you'll definitely get your dots joined here, the main thing is to ask questions

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