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Hello from Ontario, Canada

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I am Isif from London, Ontario (Canada). I have a 2014 Dodge Viper, which I enjoy road racing and drag racing. It's probably not getting many significant modifications, but I have decoded some of the CANBUS data for use with my data logging system while on track. I managed to get most of the data I needed decoded, but it would have been a LOT faster had I taken the HPA course first. The CANBUS course will still be of value as I have more to do and will require help, as will Driver development and training courses as I race more.

I'll also be using the wiring course (and CANBUS again) as I plan to install a CANBUS enabled relay to control line locks to properly heat my drag radials.

Lastly, I foolishly agreed to build my first engine for a friend, which is a B20vtec with upgraded pistons, rods, cams, valves and springs. I have already got my great value from the engine building courses, and are just finishing the disassembly phase.

In the short time I've been a member I've found the forums and worked examples to be helpful and am happy I purchased the membership.

I've attached a few photos of the car, which is @mostlyhardware on Instagram.

BTW the podcasts and youtube videos are fantastic. Great information, humorous, and high quality production. Keep up the great work.



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Hello Isif and welcome, thank you for the great feedback, I love the viper such a great all-round car, I love the green too, its great to hear you are learning from our Can courses as this is a very technical part of the automotive system and can take a fair bit to get into,

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