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Hey Guys,

My name is Costa and I'm from Melbourne Australia. My constant project is my R&D JZA80 Supra which makes a 330rwkw base figure on 14.5 psi through a T04Z. I haven't upped the boost because I couldn't get traction as is on any tyre on the street or track, but now that I've solved that problem with a Racelogic TC unit, it's time for more power and less lag.

This car is mainly set up for track work and not so drag focused. I'll be starting a blog soon to go through all the specs and details right down to the wheel alignment settings as well as tuning maps etc.

I bit the bullet and bought the tuning packages to figure out if my self-taught methods were on the ball or not.

Turns out that I was pretty much on the money as I love to steady state tune everything before boost gets over 1 bar in most cases and then decrease timing and add fuel proportionally to the boost and do a few WOT runs to tune the top end.

I run a dyno tuning workshop with a 4wd dyno and I'm always looking to save time and money to get the best result for myself and my customers.

My tunes take probably 2x the time to complete compared to most WOT tuners because I focus on steady-state tuning under all load conditions and also tune acceleration half throttle runs, which would be more used on the street as well as cruise at all speed limits in the typical gears that people would be in.

I'm here to learn more about other ECUs and also converse with like-minded people who have a passionate interest in tuning.

I'll often share tuning files for my own car and some customer's examples on request as well as start maps.

My favorite tuning platform would have to be Motec and least favorite, Microtech to the point of refusal and redirection to another tuner such as Promaz.

Education is no burden and there are no stupid questions - everything you gain you learned from someone else not in a vacuum =)

Hi Costa,

Welcome to HPA, would you mind sharing your project in a build thread? it's always good to see various ways of dealing with traction, everyone is usually too busy trying to make more power and forget this is part of tuning too

Hi Chris, sure thing, I'll use that as a basis / scratch pad for the blog. I hate the fact that forums are dying and photobucket has killed 10 years of tuning pictures in one felled swoop.

Facebook offers no knowledge retention or examples of what's been done - so I welcome the sea change back to forums and off social.

Traction is my number 1 priority - I'm all about going fast and not having a printed dyno sheet on my windscreen at a kebab shop to show off.

With the Race Logic Traction Control, it reminds me of the RGV 2 stroke I had as my first bike - it basically slingshots you off and before you know it, it's time to change up. Saves big $$ on tyres too and stops the semi slicks from going off and overheating on the track.

I'll be using the M800 as far as I can before I need to upgrade to an M1 series in a few years time.

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