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Hi Y'all

My name is Marcel, i'm from Switzerland and 32 years old. I own a Car shop in my country.

I started my company back in 2008. The first 2-3 years we worked mostly on Skyline GTR models. We imported these cars and we were the only company in Switzerland which was able to get the skylines street legal.

Now we have expanded and i have 7 employees. Beside the Motorsport, Engine and Gearbox rebuild for Time Attack cars we work on Dailycars (mostly BMW), Classic Cars and a few Pick Up Trucks. I tune up Engines since 2005, mostly 2 Stroke bikes.

In 2013 i tuned my first EVO and Supra, the customers liked my work. At this point i started to learn more about EFI tuning. Since 2014 we have a Dynapack DQ3200 in our Company. My job is to manage the shop, engine rebuilding and to program the ECU's. Our favourite brand in EFI-technology is Haltech. But we also have a few other software like Ecu Flash, HP Tuner etc. I was already in a training seminar from Haltech in Texas (USA), which was a great experience.

In my eyes you can never know everthing about ecu-programming. With every car i tune up, my experience improves. It's very intressting to talk with other peoples about the EFI Systems.

I like the Videos and reports from Andre, very very good stuff! I hope to talk with a few forum members about the problems, kind of mapping and other topics around engine optimizing.

About my personal cars, i have a BMW 330 X-Drive for daily use, A F150 Ecoboost for towing, a BMW E92M3 GTS/GT4 Replica for Track use (mostly Nurburgring/Nodschleife :) )and a GTR34 with a fresh build HKS 2.8l, HKS V-Cam and HKS T04Z, Haltech Plug In ECU, but just with a base map at the moment. I hope i find time to tune up my own RB28 soon...

I'm glad to talk with you soon.

Best regards from Switzerland



Below a pic from our current customer Time Attack GTR34 project. Haltech Elite 2500 with custom loom, Racepak smart wire, Racepak IQ3 dash, NOS, HKS 2.8l, Full Race EFR Turbo Kit etc...

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Man you have a nice mix in your garage there mate! Any 2 stroke bikes hiding in there too? ;)

Welcome to the HPA crew!

Hey Taz

Thank you for your greeting. I hope i find time to finish my cars soon :).

Because the MX Bikes, i have a KTM 250 SXF 4-Stroke. My plan was to buy a 250SX 2-Stroke, but is very hard to find at the moment.

Look forward to talk with you again.

Hi Marcel,

Welcome to HPA. That is one good looking R34, what sort of power is it making?

Hello Chris

Thank you. I love the HPA Forum already, great reports!

Because the R34, this is not my car, its the Time Attack GTR34 from Lisa Keller, a fermal customer of us ;).

This is the "legendary" Nagisa Skyline, Time Attack record car of 2007 in Tsukuba, maybe you know the car if you watch the video.


Lisa bought the car in 2014. The Set Up was old school and the car in hard used condition. T88 Turbo, Power FC ECU and a horrible harness. The Engine was bad, 2 pistons were damaged by knocking....

First we rebuilt just the engine, remapped the power FC to 98 pump fuel (with 10% E85) to 730hp. She drove two Track days in 2015, but we weren't happy about that old set up. Since 2016 we rebuild the car including new Haltech Elite/Smart Wire can bus system, efr 8374, custom build titan exhaust, Nitron R3 suspension, Radium fuel tank, new paintwork and carbondash. A new down force concept is necesarry too. For more pics have a look to our facebook page.

A&M Autotech und Motorsport


Below a pic from the R34 at the moment...

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