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Hello from the Netherlands

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Hey there all!

I'm Pepijn from the Netherlands, my journey started with modifying scooters at the age of 15, 12 years ago. From there on I went over to cars at the age of 19.

Currently I'm working on my megasquirted BMW E34 525i. I didn't build the bottom end yet but still learning the basics off tuning and EFI. I've spend lots of time in Tunerstudio yet, but am here to get the knowledge of the things I'm doing. Already tuned the car a bit myself but I think there is a lot more power to get out of it.

This turbothing started when my younger brother turboed his E36 convertible where I helped a lot.

Current cars:

Golf Mk4 1.9tdi 110bhp

BMW E34 525i turbo +/- 350bhp

BMW E30 (currently building the chassis to drop the turbo engine in)

I hope to learn a alot about EFI and diesel engines here.

Welcome along Pepijn! MS is a great platform to cut your teeth on. Hope you're enjoying squeezing more power out of it so far =D

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