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Hello from Washington!

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Well i have been eyeballing this for quite some time and finally decided to pull the trigger. Been building cars and engines for most of my life. Started with the traditional SR swaps, RB25, Turbo vw Vr6, of course old school air cooled vw's, and along the way i caught the rotary bug. Been wanting to learn how to tune properly for quite some time, 1 because i enjoy learning , 2 it is not easy finding competent rotary tuners local. I build my own engines but i have limited real world ecu tuning experience, Lots of carburetor experience lol. So currently i am building my FC3S TII while getting this fox body cobra out the door so i can help my friend with his 72 super beetle turbo ms3 pro setup. So my plate is quite full while working full time and i will definitely be needing help on here. I got the starter package for now with the promotional extras and have a couple courses already done. Hope i can learn a lot from everyone on here and look forward to the opportunity.

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great plan and action you carry out.

I also choose the start package this morning. Let begin the journey together.


Should be fun!

Welcome to HPA, there's already a wealth of rotary info on here but remember the information in the piston courses is all relevant as they are both running the otto cycle