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Hello :)

Started experimenting on cars 12 years ago and I've gotten to the point where I've managed to build a complete car from scratch.

It took me about 3 years, a lot of research and a lot of struggles as well but I've driven the first 200km's after fully restoring this car

I started with an rx7 that was wrecked and had been sitting outside for several years and over time I've replaced or renewed every part on it

I'll write some more about this on my build thread ☺️

The first car I ever restored and kind off got me started was my father's friend his Triumph tr3a. It had been sitting for 10years and needed a lot of love but it wasn't too difficult since it was once restored 13years ago and had been sitting inside a garage.

I basically changed everything of the cooling system, the ignition system, renewed the brakes and changed all fluids and then he got it repainted :)

My 2nd car was my daily driven clio 182 but I only did some small changes compared to my rx7. (Full race exhaust, matchported intakes, removed AC, rear seats, changed all cluster and interior leds to white ones, bilstein coilovers and oz racing wheels)

After that I started building RX7's and that really got me going :)

If you ever have any questions especially about rx7's don't hesitate to contact me :)

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